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a person, group, or institution that continually produces a great quality and quantity of something specified:

The E.R. Factory, a creation of Elevated Relief, offers Co-working, Private offices, Event Venues, Photography/Production Studio, Podcast/Radio Station and more in the heart of Downtown Dallas. But we are not just a Co-working space, we are a business building collaborative environment. We thrive on creating that creative think-tank solution for any type of business.

In order to stimulate creativity, collaboration, and productivity, the aesthetics of our alternative, creative co-working space in Dallas are engineered with splashes of color, original art pieces from local artists, and other intricate, quirky designs to make every day at the office a memorable one.

Amenities  includes tea, coffee, snacks, dog friendly environment, member discounts on all studio space rentals, event space, exclusive member events, superfast wifi, 24/7 access, key code entry and more.


Built By Creatives





ERF is a product of Elevated Relief. A Multimedia Production, Creative Casting, Brand Development & Marketing,Visual Content Creation Group. ERF was designed to to create a "one stop shop" for creatives and entrepreneurs, emerging and established. Having a hub for creatives to create in the Heart of Downtown Dallas was a major factor in it's creation. The addition of providing a professional yet creative environment to house that business/brand, to meet clients, have team meeting, network and collaborate with other like minded induviduals is what makes us different. With even more additions such as the photo studio, production studio, modern styled Event Space and more. ERF is a game changer for creatives and for what we call co-working in Dallas.